SAP Security Services

Securing corporate data is a primary concern for organizations today, with your SAP systems containing some of your most important data and intellectual property, it demands proper attention. Fortunately, the SAP security module is robust – but getting it wrong can be catastrophic. For several, primarily in the mid-market, keeping up with security changes and managing a good security architecture can be challenging. Over a period, SAP security profiles can become cluttered and complicated to manage.

Let Fortun8 be your trusted SAP security team

Whether you demand full-time resources, ad-hoc support based on workload, or just an advisor while your team is frustrated and requires assistance. Manage core offers a full array of SAP security support that includes the following:

User administration

  • Add/change/remove user accounts
  • Assign and remove roles for users

Role administration

  • Create new roles
  • Modify existing roles
  • Segregation of duties
  • Develop role architecture or security redesign

Logging and monitoring of SAP security access

Administrative accounts

  • Operating system and database administrative account maintenance
  • Check and maintain proper authorizations for admin accounts
  • Monitor their access